The Boones and Manleys have resided in the Kirby Township of Northampton County for over one hundred years. These two families have lived near and worked together in the past and continue until this day. There have been several marriages between the two families.

The Boones are the descendents of Elisha Boone and Sarah Frances Boone. Elisha Boone's parents were William and Savina Boone . William Boone was born around 1813. The Manley's are descendants of John and Millie Manley . Millie Manley was born around 1820 . At one time the Manley name was spelled Manly . It has been difficult to trace back the histories of the two families , due to the fact that Blacks and Mulattos were not included in the U.S. Census until 1830.

The Association For The Study Of Negro Life and History published a list of "Free" Nergo Head of Families in 1830. This work was published by Dr. Carter G. Woodson in 1925. The List of Free Negro Head of Families in Northampton County includes Elisha Boone, Stephen Manly, Benjamin Manly, and Britton Cumbo.

Many descendants of the two Families have contributed to the family History. The first written history was started by Marolyn Lee Manley Parker; the great-great granddaughter of Millie and John Manley. Marolyn was an Alumni of UNC Chapel Hill and an Anthropologist. She was quite involved in family history. Marolyn laid the foundation for a written family history, may each of us become involved in continuing her work by filling in the missing and adding new information to our great heritage. 

Teresa Manley Sykes - 2005
(Cliffton "Buck" and Carolyn Manley's oldest daughter, and sister of Marolyn)

Preserving History
Harvey "Champ" Manley, Jr.
Manley-Boone President 2014 - 2018
(Harvey and Thelma Manley's baby son)
Grandson of Bob and Emma Manley