Greetings (MB) Manley-Boone Family and friends. We, “The Manley-Boone Family Reunion Committee”; are excited to share great news that our 49th Annual 2023 Manley-Boone Family Reunion will be Saturday, August 5th, 2023 in Charlotte, North Carolina.   

We welcome and invite you and your families in advance for fun, family, fellowship, activities, raffles, music, cake walks, board games, family products, “Up-town” Charlotte shopping opportunities, and great southern MB Family food! I personally anticipate on seeing you there…!

Please plan to attend. Your family is looking forward to seeing you there, sharing life stories, and celebrating the Manley-Boone Heritage of: “Who we are”, “Where we came from”, and “Where we are going”. The location will be Eastway Recreation Center, 3150 Eastway Park Drive, Charlotte, North Carolina. Your presence and attendance are vital to keep the Manley-Boone Family Reunion going for “Future Generations”.

Please “Pass-the-Word” and share any and all information by word-of mouth, our Family Website (, family Facebook® page (Manley-Boone Members), or just pick up the phone and have a chat with a family member you have not heard from in a (minute) while. You know how we can “Talk”, and talk, and talk, and “O.K., you get it…We Manley’s and Boone’s love to talk! God’s speed, His Love, and
looking forward to seeing you and your families there…

In His Service,
Cousin Champ